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  • Installation instructions English

    Installation instructions for installing the mod Tycoon 1.8
    - From 1.7 to 1.8
    - Deletes the "graphics_tycoon_mod" folder in the Data folder.

    1. rename the AutoPatcher
    - To avoid patching when you start the Anno 2070 (Original) (the Mod then no longer works), he has to be unnamed.
    - In Anno 2070 folder is the "application" AutoPatcher.exe this you can freely Rename. bsp.AutoPatcher1.exe

    1.1 Reset (in original condition)
    -. If you have the mod installed incorrectly or want with him not
    playing, you have to double-click on the application "AutoPatcher.exe"
    also regardless of his current name, patching is triggered to read:
    When activated, it renewed all Anno 2070 files he does not know (except
    the graphics). This is convenient if you want to Reset Anno.
    For some this will not work with addon1/addon_eng1 !!. Therefore nr. 2

    2. Create a Backup
    - Go to the Anno 2070 folder and look for the folder "maindata", there are the files eng8, patch8, addon1, addon_eng1
    - Now create a new folder called Backup
    - Copy the files in the folder
    - Here you will find all the files you at No.3 change in normal (original) condition.
    - So you can even without newly download the original patch files. to get back to normal.

    3.1 The main data
    - Now Open the Tycoon-mod. zip folder, if not already open.
    - In this folder are 6 things 3 folder and 3 text file, these are incorporated herein.
    - There is also a folder with the name "maindata" Open it in him.
    - In this folder are, the files eng8/patch8/addon1/addon_eng1.
    - And for the German ger8/addon_ger8 that can be ignored for the English-language version.
    - All 4 files pull/copying you in the Anno 2070 folder "maindata".
    - Now you have to ask your PC if you want to replace 4 files, click "Yes".
    - Now would time/date/size of the files eng8/patch8/addon1/addon_eng1 have changed, if not, you have done something wrong.
    - If they have changed, the first main part is done

    3.2 Only the basic game
    - You have to move only the eng8 and patch8 in the maindata
    - Understandably, must be considered the next steps anyway

    4. The graphics
    - In Tycoon mod. Folder is the Data folder, copy it.
    - Now joining him in the Anno 2070 folder, not directly into the Data folder, it looks for the path itself.
    - Because he himself is data.
    - Now would be asked in a window if the Data folder to be intrigued in the Data folder, click "yes" now
    - Ready to control the safe side, if everything is correct so:
    - Look in the data folder, there must be a folder "graphics_tycoon_mod". If so then you've got it right. Continue with 4.3.
    - If there is a data folder is in there, you've copied something wrong.
    - Then go in the data folder in the Data folder and copy the "graphics_tycoon_mod" and then paste it in the first data folder.
    - It should be so: Anno2070 / data / graphics_tycoon_mod /

    Congratulations to the mod installed.

    The following are some hints

    5. Offline Mode
    - Since patch 3 exists a Moddingdetctor, it is triggered when changes in the maindata can be performed.
    - To play online anyway use the anno cookie containing folder in the tycoon-mod.
    - In the folder "anno cookie".
    - There are two files are 0.3 and 0.3 addon looks in window mode by
    which version (regardless what you have in the game) you have.
    - While Anno runs it double.
    - The use of anno cookie at your own risk.
    Important: the Anno cookie is not mine

    6. Multiplayer
    - The mod works in Multiplier, but only when all players have exactly the same modded files.

    Misuse of mods in supremacy of mode is not allowed.

    8.concluding sentence

    If you have problems during installation, you can ask quietly.