Pinned [ Mod ] Maug Mod Main 1.36 ,English. Download and Installation Instructions

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  • [ Mod ] Maug Mod Main 1.36 ,English. Download and Installation Instructions

    Here you will find the download link for the Maug Mod 1801 for Anno 1800.
    You need a program that zip. can open files, winrar or winzip.

    Maug Mod 1801 1.36

    An instalation statement is inside the zip file.

    The Maug team wishes you a lot of fun

    - derfinn01 as main modder
    - Benimain as a mod tester
    - Judekw

    Next thanks
    -DC3609 for help with the mod
  • Installation Instructions

    For the installation of the Anno 1800 Modloader is necessary.
    If this is already installed, this section can be jumped over.

    For the proper funtkion of the Mod Modloader is necessary:

    There is also an instalation instruction, but I tried to make this more accurate and in German.

    The download can be found here:
    The last version must always be used.

    In the zip. file are 2 "application extensions" with the names "python35" and "python35_ubi"
    Now go to your Anno 1800 folder.

    You can find it via Uplay:
    - opens Uplay
    - Goes to Anno 1800
    - Go to the list below the "Play" button.
    - There you click on "Settings"
    - Now something must have changed on the right side.
    - There should now be "General" and "Local Files"
    - Under Local Files is "Installation Directory"
    - Just below that is the path to your Anno 1800 folder.
    - press "open folder"

    In the Anno 1800 folder is the folder "Bin" opens this, also open the new folder "Win64".
    Again, there are the "python35" and "python35_ubi" as in the zip folder.
    But first you should save these.
    - right-click
    - New, then on folder
    - bennent the new folder "backup"
    - copies the two original files ("python35" and "python35_ubi") into the backup folder.

    Now you open again you have downloaded.
    And copied the "python35" and "python35_ubi" from the zip into the Win64 folder.
    Now confirm the replacement of the files.

    The first step is taken.

    "Important the mod loader is not from the Maug team"

    Now you have to download this program:

    Performs the installation.

    Now the second step is done

    Creates a new folder named "mods" in the Anno 1800 folder

    now opens the Anno 1801 Maug Mod Zip. Odner
    In the zip there is a folder and two text files.
    The folder must be copied to the mods folder in Anno 1800.

    Now the mod is installed.

    i hope i have it translate it right.