Population of AI & Open cast Mines

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    • Population of AI & Open cast Mines


      I have noticed a couple things that were odd to me, before the Ai's used to expand so fast and they would reach investors before me. I liked this because when i owned there island shares it would help keep my income in the positive while i was aggressively expanding or fighting other Ai's.

      Also i noticed with the open cast zinc mines wont go to warehouses they go directly to the brass smelters which sometimes are on the other side of my production island which takes a long time and they always run out before the next cart gets there. This is also the issue with the coal power plant and the fish oil power plant they don't effectively go to the warehouses. The coal power plant waits for the a nearby coal mine to produce then directly ships it to the coal power plant but when they are far away from each other it causes the power plant to turn off. The fish oil power plant in the new world waits till its at 0 out of 100 before having it refilled.

      So i was wondering if it would be possible to make the Ai's expand like they were before or allow them to get to investors and expand more aggressively and to make the open cast mines go to the warehouses instead and the power plants to connect more efficiently to the warehouses because there are resources for them to use.

      Thank you
    • The problem with the new power plant.
      I know this bug, but i not know how to solve it and the game crash then you try to destroy it.

      with the mines, i see it a lot off times even vanila mines, have the problem.
      solution :
      let then not have a street connect to the bigger street system. use a warehouse to block the street.

      with the KI its sure its possible to change the how fast they grow.
    • i only view fast to the ki but this one

      is the code you search for