Maug Mod Arktis 1.35

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    • Maug Mod Arktis 1.35

      Now a mod for the Arctic,


      With 1.35 you need to instal "AMaug_Mod_1800_AKI_BuildingReplacements" ( is inside the mods folder )

      This is included in the mod:


      - wind power plant
      Delivers electricity in small circles

      - Oil port
      - Oil depot
      - Large oil tank of water
      - Large oil tank land
      - Oil power plant
      Like in the old / new world.

      - Oil lamp factory
      Consumes normal oil instead of whale oil, must be connected to an oil port with rails

      - Oil pemmican smokehouse
      Consumes normal oil instead of whale oil, must be connected to an oil port with rails

      - Wool sleeping bag factory
      Now, instead of sealskins, normal wool

      - Sharp breeding
      Enables sheep farming in the Arctic.
      - coal mine
      - iron mine
      - zinc mine
      - copper mine
      - cement mine
      Can be built on gold mines in the Arctic.
      - Brass hut
      Like the old world.

      - Large warehouse
      The warehouse gives 700t of storage capacity
      - Country warehouse
      There is 50 storage capacity can be built on land

      - Wool parka tailoring
      - Wool sled manufacture
      Now, instead of sealskins, normal wool

      - Commuter quay
      Like in the old world
      - gas power plant
      Can now be built in the Arctic

      - Coal-fired power station
      Generates electricity and gives off heat in half the area

      - All production buildings can be supplied with electricity.

      Important there is a bug with the rails because it is probably not planned, level crossings first build the rails and then pull the road. Otherwise the road will be destroyed and you still have to do it.
      Still looking for a solution

      Thanks to bergi
      - Oil port / rails / power plants could not be built in the Arctic.

      - Added coal power plant
      - Added gas power plant

      Stonestreet added, hope it works.

      - Adaptation to Uphdate 7

      -Bug fix
      - Harbor warehouse no longer needs labor.
      - The fields of sheep farming are now white.
      - The country warehouse is now buildable

      - Wind power plant removed

      -English version added
      - Bug fixed, Ki does not develop above level 2
      - Bug fixed Ki uses mines in the New World

      - fixes for update 8

      - Added gas refinery, needs oil to produce gas
      - Added stone road for the Arctic
      - Small gas power plant for the Arctic and the Old World has been added
      - The bug that caused a crash when exploring the Arctic has been fixed.

      - Bugfix. some buildings not unlock

      - Bugfix, in the New World the quay wall was not visible
      - Adjustments to update 9

      - Adjustments to update 10

      - bug fixs

      - fix for the AI
      - change in the construction menu