Modding Difference

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    • Modding Difference


      I had a question about modding, I noticed that these mods use "add" which makes sense when you adding a new element to the game but why do they use "add" instead of "addnextsibling" for shipping? or why is there a separate sailing shipyard, if there was add sibling it shows up in the games existing sailing shipyards.

      I only ask because when you have the enhanced ships the collinear does get the bonus from the influence bonus with large fleets.

      Thank you in advance for your comments!
    • add - adds the content of ModOp inside selected node

      addNextSibling = adds the content of ModOp directly after selected node

      the separate sailing shipyard has a special history. We have, if i'm correct, around 25 different ship types in Anno 1800 and it was not possible, to add all these types in the vanilla shipyard, because, there is also the possibility, to build special ships over the items. Later, the UBI's stop the possibility, to scroll in the shipyard template, in the result, it was needed, to have 5 different shipyard's with different combinations of ship types