[Suggestions] smaller pedestrian and river quays

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    • [Suggestions] smaller pedestrian and river quays

      Hi there,
      As says the title says, a thing that always bothered me was the unrealistic size of pedestrian wandering around your towns, even is there was a slight progress in the latest anno games, in 1800 there are way too tall compared to the buildings, could be possible to have a mod that shrink them by, let's say, half ?
      Another proposition is to have quay walls that fill up river banks, it would fit nice for the atmosphere of cities with rivers, for exemple those of Paris: [IMG:http://planete.qc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/plus-belles-photos-pont-tournelle-paris-zigzag-e1508921704268.jpg]
    • It would be technically possible to reduce the size of the population.
      But i not know any mod for what.

      For the walls, then you build somthing near the river and the graphic have a cover for the river. That would possible too.
      I not do that because how. should I say that, I don't have a good the cosmetics vein inside me. For do this
    • to the piers on the rivers.... i'm sure, that's not possible (at the moment).
      the actual maps has any "construction zones", that means: you can build objects only in special area's. special area's are in the water (need a as "water" defined zone"), another zone is the coast (mixed area with water and land) and the land area (is every construction zone on the island). And you can build objects only in a full tile, not in a half tile ( for example: a farm house has 3 x 3 tiles) . Try to add tree's on the side of the rivers and you see, what i mean.
      the originale islands are prepared for two difficulties, with rivers or without rivers, but the developers remove the settings for this IslandDifficulty (You can change this difficulty with a mod called "Northern or Southern Rivers removed btw reduced", Part of SpiceItUp - but only, before you start the game or discover a new session). Normalize, its not possible to change the maps, because, UBI / BB use a extern program to build the maps ( and because of that, we have never a map-editor)
      if you're a specialist with the hexeditor, you can add some construction place's in the rivers for a pier like paris (like enbesa), but without a place like this, its not possible to build in the area's nearly the river side.
      The solution from derfinn01 with a object nearly the river and a "cover" (means a building like a house or pier on the side of the river and the end of this object is into the river), thats also not possible (i think) - i try this and it remove's the objects from this non-construction area and if you cannot build the complete object, it remove's all parts at the end. But i'm not a expert, maybe, it works with some more code.
      The only solution for now is ( in my eye's) a construction, that go'es from one to the other side of the river (like the bridge's). But it's very difficult, because, the most rivers go'es diagonal and a object go'es only square. A normal Stone-Street has 1 x1 tile on the ground. If its a bridge, the street get's a railing on booth side's, maybe 0.25 tile on every side and because of that, you cannot build a new bridge directly on the side from another bridge, it needs 1 tile distance. But maybe, its possible, if you use a construction like the harbor pier, a pier on booth side's and a transparent part in the middle, declared as Bridge, but not usable as street for cars and probs etc

      P.S.: if i write "at the moment" - that mean's: its of course possible, that somebody spend some time and search for a solution to change the islands later in the next years etc, but today and now, the is no solution for that avaiable.

      to your first question and the size of the probs... from my view... i compare a pedestrian with the size from a door or a small house and i think, it's okay, see -> gyazo.com/d11fe2c459241fef67bcf087249586a6
      i've never see'n the code for this pedestrian's and i'm sure, that nobody works on a mod for this, because, it brings no advantage. And dont forget the image resolution on the desk. You see the pedestrian's only in the detail view and not with a larger distance. i'm conform with derfinn01, that it's would be technically possible, but why?

      i read a lot of posting about Anno1800, here and everywhere, but nobody ask for that in the past and i think, that's the most important think for a modder -> the request.
      It's not possible, to make all the grafic's for the pedestrian's smaller, so that you have a advantage in the summary of filesize